Kuvera Capital Group

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Innovative Investment Company


  • Kuvera Capital Group is a company with headquarters in Thailand.
  • Being an innovative investment company allows to create a diverse portfolio, allowing it to form an optimal balance between the current return and future growth.
  • The provided professional service enables the company to respond to steadily changing demands of investors.
  • Promoting investment opportunities to investors delivers a diverse scope of national and international investment opportunities, as well as facilitating services that target the client’s individual needs and exceed it’s expectations.
  • Unique experience and insight allows the company to discover new opportunities and reveal their true potential.

Our Strategy

Kuvera’s strategy is to be one of Thailand’s leading financial institutions by opening new routes and expend established networks to become the partner of choice for customers, employees and investors.

  • Achieve a top-notch position in the markets in which we operate through both impact and acquisition-led growth.
  • Conveying innovative products and services to customers, which particularly include the efficient use of technology.
  • Setting up broad extensive policies and procedures concerning corporate governance and risk management across our network.
  • Preserve effective relationships with the market regulators.
  • We support the communities in which we operate, mostly by increasing financial awareness and strengthening financial systems.
  • The returns we deliver to our investors are risk-adjusted and differentiated.
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