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With an increase in number of international tourist visitors from all around the world, online tourism plays an important role.

Since travel accommodation is ranked 2nd in the online travel market, Kuvera came up with an application, which would help make online booking easier. Its aim is to build a community platform for travellers – Personalization for Travelers.

A lot of independent and budget travellers are seeking for more economical accommodations. At K2, we seek to provide private residential rooms but with hotel standard services.

Industry Overview:

  • The travel and tourism sector is expected to benefit from economic growth in Thailand. Promotional activities by the tourism authority and government spending contribute to the growth of the tourism sector.
  • Tourism sector has posted healthy growth in recent years. The number of international tourist arrivals in Thailand is expected to grow to 0 million by 2018, at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.79% between 2014 and 2018.

Value Proposition

Revenue is generated though collecting service charges from both hosts and travellers who use the service of the platform. The financial model would be 12% of service fee from guest reservation and 3% of processing guest payments from hotels.

The platform would allow travelers to customize their dream trips at multiple preference. At the same time, they can request for additional services to add on.

We uses a MICE model where all services are relatively more affordable than the typical online travel agent platforms.

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