Kuvera Capital Group

Home Operating Model

1 – Join Forces

Our team is continuously looking for development through the acquisition of Thai assets. We are specialised in investment from national level to smaller operations. This is intended to protect a more extensive geographic footprint to manage growth, provide synergies, take advantages of scale and enable diversification of risk.

What are we looking for:

  • Markets with a high potential of growth.
  • Disintegrate markets that could benefit from consolidation.
  • Reduction of cost by making synergies.
  • Institutions where value can be added.

Our JOIN FORCES Key Performance Indicators:

  • Return on capital employed: At Kuvera Capital Group, we expect to maximise the return in excess of cost of our capital.
  • Market position by assets:To have a strong position in the market enables us to be more competitive and reduce our cost to maximise our shareholder value.
  • Earning per share: We are conscious that we can not provide earnings during the integration period. However, we are committed to generating tangible value for shareholders.
  • Execution of identified synergies: Our deals have to
  • be accretive to shareholders and to fit in with our strategy.


2 – Build


Our acquisitions have to be fit for growth. Firstly, we need to implement a detailed action plan with a view to creating value in the short to medium term for our shareholders through operational improvements. We are generating value in the short and long term for all of our shareholders. In this spirit, we provide a detailed strategic & operational plan to our shareholders:

  • Develop credit processes
  • Manage the operational effectiveness
  • Create a strong relationship with our customers

Our BUILD Key Performance Indicators:

  • Non-performing loans to total loans: Our goal is to focus on creating scalable and efficient platform.
  • Cost / Income ratio: Measure the profitability of Kuvera Capital Group.
  • Capital adequacy ratios across the Group


3 – Take Off


The take-off is the final step of our business model. Once we have created the path for sustainable growth, we can focus on the driving growth:

  • Liquidity opportunities
  • Develop innovation across the value chain
  • Support the growth by injecting new capital
  • Withdraw identified synergies and efficiencies

Our TAKE OFF Key Performance Indicators:

  • Increase the number of investments, customers and employees.
  • Return On Assets: Measure the impact of leverage on our earnings.
  • Return On Equity: Measure the efficiency of Kuvera Capital Group.
  • Loan and deposit growth relative to GDP and peers.
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