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KCG develops cutting edge methodologies to serve what is best for investors who are looking for sustainable investments in real assets. Real assets are both intangible and tangible assets that could be valuated using standardized models that is widely accepted by international institutions and corporations. These assets generate passive income through their appreciating value and fixed income streams. At KCG, we are able to identify these potentially growth-seeking businesses using our proven methodologies and framework that has been developing for the last 10 years of extensive experiences in management and financial consultancy. If you are an investor who are looking for performing or operating businesses (performing assets) or searching for a place for your wealth to grow, let KCG assist you in the process. Our methods of assuring all of our investor’s capital to be fruitful are to:

  • Get involved with the project. KCG takes part in the board and the operations of each of the business we invest in. From this standing, we are able to provide assurance to our investors’ capital through manageable accounts and trackable activities of each business.
  • Mitigate Risks. KCG uses manageable risks as leverage to capture low costing on all activities through our network of partners. This allows KCG’s investors to capitalize on larger bottom lines.
  • Making sure there’s an impact. KCG take responsibility for the well-being of all of its stakeholder: community, environment, and investors. In each of our investments, we take caution of the long-term impact of all of our stakeholders. A sustainable future for everyone will always be KCG’s goal.

KCG provides financial and construction services for clients who seek to build their vision from ground to the sky. On the other hand, KCG serves project owners who seek for cost-effective and value-adding renovation (retrofit services) for their projects.

To alleviate the common issue of predisposition or prejudice in the buying and selling of assets, KCG serves strictly to buyers only. This allows KCG to deliver unbiased opinions and services for buyers/investors with the aligned focus of getting quality assets for deserved prices.

KCG serves international and leading hotel chains globally. We represent their cultures and brand in the search for new developments to add to their portfolio. At the same time, we had grown into experienced professional to assist in the process of transitions and overseeing local implications.

Contractual Duties is the art of solving legal inquiries and helping to mitigate the bureaucratic conflicts.

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