Bernd Joseph Lehmann



  • Mr. Bernd Lehmann started his career in the year 1977 and had a an 11-year position as a project and sales manager in the sales division of a 300 people company (DM 250 MM in annual revenues), where he focussed on “ Electrical white goods and home appliances”.
  • 1989 Mr. Lehmann then went on to become sales director at MVO Audio-Video Vetriebsgesellschaft, where he was responsible for the sale of consumer electronics in Europe.
  • 1991 As the founder of an import/export company for consumer electronics, Mr. Lehmann’s sold to both large German customers as well as to customers in Eastern Europe with a special focus on the former Yugoslavia (Genex-Duty Free), Rumania, and the countries of the former Soviet Union. Mr. Lehmann still has an extensive network with manufacturers in Asia and large customers in West- and Eastern Europe.
  • In 1995 Mr. Lehmann was a co-founder of Thendic Electronic Components GmbH, an electronic payment firm.
  • Mr. Lehmann initiated 2002 the acquisition of Austro-Montan He was the “creative mind” behind the GSM phones with ISO 7816 certification and an NFC interface. It was used as the first mobile control device in the public transport area in Germany.
  • In December 2006, Mr. Lehmann acquired the required license agreement for the TELEFUNKEN brand with EHG Elektroholding GMBH (owned by Daimler Benz), the 100% owner of the brand TELEFUNKEN. Mr. Lehmann and his Family was one of the major shareholder of TELEFUNKEN ID SYSTEMS GMBH.
  • 2007, January: EHG Elektroholding GMBH (owned by Daimler Benz and owner of AEG and Telefunken Brand) offered Mr. Lehmann to take over the worldwide well known Electronic brand “TELEFUNKEN”.
  • Mr. Lehmann than went on to become the Global-Sales-Manager of Telefunken and was responsable for the world wide Licensing Business (Contracting and Key Account) of the Telefunken Brand name
  • In September 2011 Mr. Lehmann and his Family sold the TELEFUNKEN HOLDING AG Shares and he left the company.


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