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[stm_info_box title=”Responsibility” image=”1204″]Aligning goals and problems with a sustainable solution.[/stm_info_box]
[stm_info_box title=”Strength and Passion” image=”1206″]Management and project owner(s) should portray solid understanding of the business and has a sense of passion in driving to end goal.[/stm_info_box]
[stm_info_box title=”Leverage” image=”1205″]Able to identify a “real” changer factor over existing players.[/stm_info_box]
[stm_info_box title=”Reliability” image=”1207″]

  • Feasible
  • Market Availability
  • Clear Objectives
  • Strong Team
  • Clear Channel of Entry and Execution.


[stm_info_box title=”Innovation” image=”1202″]Potential development for “better” way for an existing imperfection.[/stm_info_box]
[stm_info_box title=”Impact” image=”1201″]Clearly portray a true impact to society, government, and/or environment. Its sustainable for future development.[/stm_info_box]
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